Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aw, Angie!!!

I'll never forget the first time I saw Angelina Jolie. It was in 'Hackers' and I KNEW that woman was going someplace. Then came Foxfire, and it was pretty cemented that Angelina was THE chick.
Yes, that is a picture of Angelina showing her appreciation for her lady fans. Don't you miss AJ's inner gay? She used to wear it proud! She does have Brad Pitt though, so we can sort of let it slip... Remember the short hair? And Gia?! Sigh. I miss knife-wielding blood-wearing Angelina. Once she started making out with Billy Bob all over town, I think it's safe to say the nails in the coffin began sealing away. Or maybe it was Jenny Shimizu... Someone PLEASE explain the appeal of that woman to me. I stood next to her at a movie premiere and she was SO not rocking the hot. I guess she looks OK all done up in Calvin Klein ads, but like Daniela Sea she has no business having any roles whatsoever and is merely famous for being famous. (Sorry, L Word fans. You know I have no love for that show). They really are the Paris Hilton's of the gay world. I hate how Jenny Shimizu is always doing interviews about all the women she's supposedly bedded like Angelina and Madonna. Doesn't loyalty count for anything these days? The name-dropping is so desperate and gross. Asian woman are totally foxy, but Jenny Shimizu just needs to eat. Yes, you can quote me. I remember seeing Jenny and thinking we all had a chance with Angelina.

In all honesty, I think it's great that she's working as a goodwill ambassador and doing so many wonderful things. Motherhood seems to have given her some stability and I'm sure it's healthy. However, I still believe Angelina's a freak underneath it all. Fortunately, I have love for such creatures and she's still at the top of a short list. And, I SO love that she stole a role from Tom Cruise.

Team Jolie! (Yes, I did go there. And now I'm ashamed. At least I didn't buy the t-shirt...)

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